Greetings from Lalitya Foundation!
Over the past 8 years Lalitya Foundation’s every effort has rested on one mission – ‘Inspired by Art, Driven by Society’. Since 2010, we have remained committed to our cause and have been providing Art Education to almost every age group, class and creed. Apart from Education we also are running projects for Livelihood, Health and Environment.

This perseverance of working incessantly is only made possible with your support and trust in what we do. If it wasn’t the support and encouragement from people like you, we would not have been able to tread on this challenging path of working on various social issues.

To take our cause further we need your support. It is your invaluable contributions that can help Lalitya Foundation achieve its mission and objectives.

Hence, take a minute from your busy schedule & become our patron towards this noble cause.